The Nursery Manager along with the Early Years professionals have carefully selected resources to ensure that they are both age appropriate and efficiently stimulating.  We have three rooms as follow:

Busy babies – 3 months to under 2-year olds. our baby room has been designed for babies to ensure the surrounds are safe and comfortable allowing your child to learn and develop.  Staff are trained to build bonds with children ensuring your child is supported emotionally. All the resources we use are age appropriate and help to develop your child in the Prime Areas of learning which are: Personal, Social and Emotional development, Speaking and language, Physical Education. Staff feedback to parents daily providing in-depth information about your child’s day.

  • Caterpillars 2-year We have two free flowing rooms with neutral décor to ensure children play in a calm and inviting environment. The resources within the rooms have been chosen by our highly experienced team, ensuring children’s learning needs are met. The resources are both stimulating and challenging. The Nursery routine for the caterpillars is fun and flexible, and provides children with group interactions, stimulating activities based on their interests and discovery areas to encourage exploring and interest in young children. The room is spacious with low accessible units, your child will experience lots of sensory activities as children learn best using their senses to explore their environment. Example activities would include water, sand, jelly play, shaving foam, cornflour and many more. Our team constantly change the areas of the rooms to provide lots of stimulation and learning. The practitioners are constantly looking at new ideas to promote your child’s learning and development in a fun, challenging and exciting way.

  • Butterflies – 3-5-year olds. We have three pre – school rooms which are designed to provide stimulation for preschool children. The pre – school rooms have been structured to prepare children for Reception by encouraging them to reach their full potential at their own pace through active learning and support. The routine for the pre-school rooms take into consideration, children’s interests, needs and stages of development. The environment has been developed to enable children to challenge themselves, investigate, discover their surroundings, and build confidence through purposeful play with a mixture of activities which are adult led or child initiated.

Children will be preparing for “school readiness” this will be achieved by promoting independence during mealtimes, toileting and getting ready to play out.

Dining room – all the children in our setting that stay for lunch, enjoy home cooked meals on site Children learn to socialise, learn about portion control and using knives and forks. Children learn to self-serve and pass the serving bowls to their friends. Staff accompany children at the dinner table to model good behaviour and etiquette.